Building a sustainable business is the right thing to do

No matter what business you are in, it should be a sustainable business. Not only financially, but also in where and how raw materials are sourced, and the environmental footprint your products leave behind. The move towards businesses that use ethically sourced materials and produce products with low waste – and help communities instead of exploiting them – is a global movement. 

Climate change has already caused environmental refugees the world over and it is so important that we all do what we can to limit our impact on our environment; while helping the communities we employ or sell products and services to. It is the right way to do business.

Force of Nature, is an event led by ethical retailer Faithful to Nature, which was streamed live on 12 May 2021, aimed at inspiring broader talks and action around the plastic crisis and environmental conservation and encouraging everyone to be a sustainable business and an ethical consumer.

Four inspiring women leading the charge in sustainable living took to the stage at the V&A Waterfront outdoors Amphitheatre in Cape Town to share insights on the state of our planet, environmental sustainability and what can be done to save the environment. Speakers included Xoli Fuyani, Environmental Education Project Manager at Earthchild Project; Yola Mgogwana, a high school student and activist; Aaniyah Omardien, the Founder and Director of The Beach Co-op; and Faithful to Nature’s own Founder and Director, Robyn Smith. Kia Johnson, an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund SA (WWFSA), acted as master of ceremonies.

The common thread from all the speakers was the call for individuals, organizations, and communities to support their efforts to save and protect Planet Earth. And a few small steps is really all it takes to make a difference, whether it’s joining the next beach clean-up with the Beach co-op; engaging with Earthchild Project to assist under-resourced schools; or learning more about Faithful to Nature’s ingredients and becoming more discerning shoppers. No matter what business or industry you are in, there is an opportunity to be an ethical business owner and consumer.

As the event organizer, Faithful to Nature continues its quest to share knowledge and provide customers with valuable resources to help them become more conscious consumers. The retailer itself is already implementing various ways to tackle the green economy – vetting each ingredient in every product offered and advocating for plastic-free products. Says ethical consumption pioneer Robyn Smith, “Given the right environment, the right conditions, and most importantly the right information, people would choose to buy products that were better for the environment and were not harmful to others.” 

Joining Faithful to Nature was Yola Mgogwana, who became an activist for environmental change at just 10-years old. Now, three years later, she continues to learn about climate change and global warming and shares this information with the world. “People don’t see and realize there’s a crisis, but I know because I have seen it,” she says. “I am already living in the future that many environmentalists fear.”

Aaniyah Omardien, whose core goal is protecting the marine environment, spent her time on stage encouraging everyone to get involved by joining her Beach Co-op and help keep the beaches clean and learn more about biodiversity. 

Xoli Fuyani joined the Earthchild Project after learning that they would be working with schools in Khayelitsha, where she grew up. “One of the philosophies at Earthchild Project is that we are not separated from nature, and the way to cultivate this love and respect for Earth is to fall in love with yourself. Once you fall in love with yourself, it becomes really easy to fall in love with the natural world.”

“By organizing events such as Force of Nature, we would like to push ourselves (and others) to inspire change in people by providing knowledge on issues affecting the environment. We hope to reach many and bring light to environmental issues affecting South Africans,” said Smith.

The event will occur annually, with key opinion leaders sharing their knowledge on tackling climate change and offer preventative measures. This informative stream can be viewed here

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