AWIEF is a women economic empowerment organisation which supports women entrepreneurs in Africa to develop and grow their business. We believe the key to success is to facilitate, support and inspire women entrepreneurs in multiple areas of their business by providing knowledge, practical training, resources and connections. We do this through our enterprise development programmes, the annual AWIEF Conference, AWIEF Awards, networking events, and this online community.

The reason we built this online AWIEF Community is to offer you more hands on help, inspiration, and business and networking opportunities. So you can rise, shine and fulfil your full potential as female entrepreneurs! 

What AWIEF Community provides now:

  • Business insights & tips to grow your business
  • Stories from entrepreneurs 
  • Inspiring videos

We are ambitious and want to offer you so much more. That’s why we continue working, behind the scenes, on more valuable products and services that will be available on this community in a few months time.

What to expect soon?

  • More business insights & tips to grow your business 
  • Stories from female business leaders 
  • More inspirational videos & podcasts 
  • Courses and masterclasses
  • Mentorship 
  • Networking and discussion forum to connect with other entrepreneurs 
  • Business opportunities 
  • Access to finance and market linkages

If you have suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more info about AWIEF’s enterprise development programmes, the annual AWIEF Conference, AWIEF Awards, and networking events check: www.awieforum.org

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