AWIEF 2022

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The Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum is heading to North Africa for the first time. The 2022 edition of AWIEF will take place on 26 & 27 September in Cairo, in partnership with Egypt’s Ministry of International Cooperation and co-organised by the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association.

Egypt’s Minister for International Cooperation H. E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat officially announced Egypt as AWIEF2022 host at a press conference in Cairo saying: “The hosting of this event reflects Egypt’s keenness and support for empowering women and enhancing their economic participation and important roles in innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve sustainable development.”

AWIEF CEO Irene Ochem added: “Egypt is at the forefront of African entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem drive. Hosting AWIEF in a country known for its strong support for women’s economic empowerment and sustainable development is important for us.”
Now in its 8th year, the annual AWIEF conference is one of the continent’s leading innovation and entrepreneurship events.
The conference brings together more than 1,300 entrepreneurs, start-ups, thought leaders, policymakers, international development partners, investors, CSOs, academia, and media for dialogue and discussions on issues of women empowerment, entrepreneurship, investing, technology, and innovation in Africa.
AWIEF2022 is a hybrid event (in-person in Cairo and online), with an easy-to-access virtual platform for speakers, delegates and virtual exhibitors to participate.
AWIEF2022 is a platform where issues will be debated and new ideas explored. The event offers participants and stakeholders an opportunity to engage, connect and build new business relationships on the sidelines of thought-provoking conference sessions, while the AWIEF Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in African female entrepreneurship and innovation.

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min bayn alduyuf walmutahadithin rafiei almustawaa alsaabiqin alrayiys al'afriqiu alsaabiq wanayib alrayiys walwuzara' waruasa' albaladiaat wawakil al'amin aleami lil'umam almutahidat wamumathili wikalat al'umam almutahidat walmuasasat almaliat al'iinmayiyat walmuasasat almaliat walsharikat mutaeadidat aljinsiaat walhayiz ealaa jayizat nubil wanayib almustashar w C -janah qadat 'aemal alsharikat , min bayn akhrin.

mawdue alhadath almukhtalit lihadha aleam hu Advancing Africa through Gender Integration.

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yuafir AWIEF2022 qanaat lilmushtarin dhawi aljawdat alealiat min alqitaeat alrayiysiat mutaeadidat alsinaeat alati tama jameuha min jamie 'anha' 'iifriqia wakharijiha. min khilal alaindimam 'iilayna krae washarik , sawf tarfae min alaietiraf bisharikatik watarawuj liealamatik altijariat 'iilaa jumhur dimughrafiin ghayr mustaghilin ealaa mustawaa 'iifriqia yuafir furas eamal dakhmatin. tuasil mae musharikina alnashitin lilghayat , waistafada min altaswiq almustahdaf waqias eayid alaistithmar liaistithmarik min khilal 'iimkanatina altahliliati. limazid min almaelumat hawl furas rieayat AWIEF2022 ، 'arsal brydan 'ilktrwnyan

Exhibit at AWIEF2022

We invite members of the Creative Industry sector to come and showcase their work, businesses, products or services, projects, innovation and technologies on-site in Cairo at THE CREATIVE LANE. These industries include amongst others: Fashion & Design, Visual & Performance Art, Media & Entertainment, Food Technology, etc.
AWIEF2022 also offers a perfect virtual platform to promote and showcase your business, products or services, projects, innovation, solution, and technology to a pan-African and international professionals and business audience, getting you set to leverage and access opportunities unleashed by AfCFTA.
For more information about our on-site and virtual exhibition opportunities, email us at

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