AWIEF is a not-for-profit economic empowerment organisation for all African women and girls. We are a Pan-African business networking, information and equal opportunity platform for women business owners and entrepreneurs, innovators, and social enterprises. AWIEF advocates women equality and empowerment as drivers of development and strives to foster enhanced economic participation and opportunities for women to fast-track Africa’s transformation and inclusive sustainable growth.              

AWIEF connects emerging with established women entrepreneurs and works to equip young and next generation female entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed. We provide valuable business capacity development and skills support programmes, resources and connections. We facilitate and support Africa women-owned and women-led business start-ups, growth and scaling-up.

AWIEF is a place to share knowledge including market opportunities, data and tutorials. We promote business partnerships and intra-Africa trade.

We host the Annual AWIEF Conference and Exhibition where we debate and discuss issues negatively impacting the economic empowerment and economic security of all African women and girls, and we provide innovative solutions. At the AWIEF Conference, each year, you learn, meet exemplary individuals and organisations, grow your network, promote your business as well as get inspired, motivated and empowered by outstanding and leading African women entrepreneurs, as they share their stories, experiences and perspectives.


The Forum is guided by a Board of Trustees, dedicated individuals who act as guardians of its mission and values, and oversee the Forum’s work in advocating gender equality across the continent by promoting and supporting women’s economic empowerment through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Led by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Irene Ochem, AWIEF’s activities are managed by its executive leadership. 

Our Goals

  • Promote and support women’s economic empowerment across Africa, through innovation and entrepreneurship, for job creation, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development.
  • Develop and implement programmes that foster the advancement of African women and girls in the areas of education, technology, and entrepreneurship
  • Provide capacity-building, training and business skills development for women-owned businesses to scale, move up the value chain and be more competitive
  • Facilitate access to finance and global market opportunities for African women entrepreneurs
  • Promote sustainable practices in women-owned and women-led businesses
  • Facilitate intra-Africa trade, collaborations and business partnerships
  • Advocate for gender-sensitive government mainstreaming and implementation of policies and legal frameworks to empower women and girls in Africa
  • Promote learning, networking, knowledge-sharing, and exchange of best practices
  • Establish an extensive network of African women entrepreneurs, business women, innovators and social entrepreneurs
  • Organize and host the annual Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum conference and exhibition